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Moving Isolation

an artistic diary

Direction Anna Holter
Choreography A collaboration between the Dancers


Winner Award for Best European First Time Filmmaker at the 8andHalFilm Awards 2022 in Rome, Italy
Winner of 2020 years Audience Award at the Feel Good short film festival by the Roses UK


Athens Video Dance Project December 2021
8andHalFilm Awards 2022 Rome: Awarded Best European First Time Filmmaker
Feel Good short film festival by the Roses UK: Winner
Prague Biennale 2021
New York City Indepandent Film Festival: Official Selection 2021
ToBeAntwerp Festival 2021
Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival: Finalists
Berlin Shorts Film Festival: Finalists
Vancouver Independent Film Festival: Finalists
Toronto Independent Film Festival: Finalists
Sunday Shorts Film Festival Lisbon: Semi-Finalists


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